[logo] design preference questionnaire

    Please answer the questions below as precisely and specifically as possible.
    in order to get closer to ideal logodesign according to your requests, special attachments or feelings.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    {13 questions totally}

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    1: Logo title/spelling. {required}*
    →Type the name spelling of logo: Company, store, product.
    In the case of alphabet, please fill out the upper or lower case precisely.

    2: The outline, characteristics, purpose, activities of the company/store/group/service/product. {required}*

    3: The origin of the name {required}*
    →Please tell me the idea, the meaning, or the story behind the origin of the name.

    4: What is your policy/important thing on your activities?
    →Please tell me the goals that you want to achieve, the cherished things or the passion.

    5: Which is the assumed target/group and what do you want to impress them on?
    →Please tell me like; "I want to grab those who like this!" or "I want to make them feel me like this!"

    6: Please let us know your Website or social accounts. {if you have}

    Following questions are about concrete request for design preference.

    7: the style of logo {choose one}
    →You can use only typelogo, but if you have a symbol mark, it will be even useful and practical.

    {Please tell me if you have any idea or request.}

    8: Preference of the ambience.
    【simple ↔ complicated】

    【monotone ↔ colorful】

    【bright ↔ dark】

    【light ↔ heavy】

    【rounded ↔ angular】

    【casual ↔ formal】

    【fun ↔ solemn】
    【futuristic ↔ traditional】

    【feminine ↔ masculine】

    9: Preference of the coloring {required}*
    →choose 1 to 3 of the below.

    {Please tell me if you have any coloring idea or request.}

    10: Intended use of the logo {required}*

    {Please tell me if you have any intended use.}

    11: What is it as a motif?
    →Please tell me if you have a preferred image or motif, or favorite work in the portfolio of my website or social. 

    12: Please attach files if you have an image, sketch or drawing that is close to ideal.
    (up to 3, and 5MB max for each)

    13: Please let me know if you have more question or anything to request

    Thank you for bothersome. All questionnaire is done!
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